The Origins of WhyTheFace® (W.T.F)

The inspiration for WhyTheFace originally comes from Harry Jóhannsson, Birgir Imsland and Freyr Jóhannsson. Alongside them, Eminem, Hip Hop, Stussy, and the west side of Reykjavik play a significant role in shaping the early years of the brand.

Freyr and Birgir, childhood friends whose paths diverged for about a decade, are deeply influenced by addiction and the essence of life it encompasses. In 2012, they reunite during a rehab program, and that's where life is breathed into the concept of WhyTheFace.

The sobriety doesn't last long, but those friends make the most of it. It's not until then that the idea of a clothing brand comes to fruition. At first, Freyr doesn't have much faith that it will become a reality, but he feels the need for a name for the concept. The name stems from a well-known comedy series, where a cool hip uncle admits to using "brb" (be right back) and "wtf" (why the face) just like the youth. This name suits the concept perfectly.

In 2015, Freyr embarks on a new chapter in life, and Birgir follows suit in 2016, carrying the torch until his passing in 2018 due to natural causes. However, WhyTheFace lives on.

In 2020, Freyr feels in his heart that the time has come. With Birgir's memory in mind, he sets out to bring WhyTheFace into the light. With the help of good friends and collaborators, the dream becomes a reality.

In 2023, WhyTheFace® opens its doors, welcoming the world to witness the transformation of a dream into reality. A brand from "little" Iceland ventures into the forefront of streetwear, poised to conquer the world.

Freyr Jóhannsson
Birgir Imsland 06.01.1984 - 27.07. 2018